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41 Empowering Quotes From James Gwee

1. "The recipe for a peaceful life. Write down several things u worry about. Circle those things you can do something about and work on them. Forget the rest." - James Gwee

2. "DRESS FOR SUCCESS! Ask someone MORE PROFESSIONAL than you for their opinion about your dressing. You are not invisible. People notice your dressing!" - James Gwee

Empowering Quotes From James Gwee

3. "You must SYSTEMIZE your business. But if YOU are the system, then you are in TROUBLE cos every time you go for a holiday, everything becomes a mess!" - James Gwee

4. "To ensure that d Support Dept really supports you, once in a while take them out for lunch. The message isToday Motivation:  Thank you, I appreciate what you do for me." - James Gwee

5. "To get repeat orders, your customers must remember you so that when they or their friends want to buy, they will remember u and know how to contact u." - James Gwee

6. "The most vulnerable part of the sale is AFTER d customer has just decided to buy. To make the customer feel sure, ask her why she decided to buy fr you." - James Gwee

7. "You get what you want by giving people what they want - faster, better. But you got to be prepared to give first." - James Gwee

8. "For the first time in history, buyers and sellers have the same power and deal direct with each other. If you wait for walk in business you will be out of business!" - James Gwee

9. "The successful individual of d 21st century must act self-employed your company cannot be responsible for your future. So take care of your own future!" - James Gwee

10. "You plant melon seeds you get melons you always get what you plant. But you got to plant first. You cannot get without planting. What seeds are you planting now?" - James Gwee

11. "What you have ACHIEVED is important; But what you have BECOME is even more important! What kind of person do you want to BECOME?" - James Gwee

12. "The bigger and deeper the hole for the foundation, the higher will be the building. If you want to rise high, then you must have a SOLID Foundation." - James Gwee

Empowering Quotes From James Gwee

13. "You only live once - but if you work it right once is enough!" - James Gwee

14. "Live out of your imagination instead of your memory. You imagination brings you FORWARD. Your memory takes you BACK. How do you think most of the time?" - James Gwee

15. "We do not get to choose how we are going to die. Or when, We can only decide how we are goinq to live. Now. How have you decided to live?" - James Gwee

16. "Life is like a food court - so many choices. We CHOOSE, PAY then EAT. Are u prepared to pay the price to achieve your goals? Have you paid the right price?" - James Gwee

17. "Ants work hard in summer to stock food for winter. In winter, they look forward to the coming summer. They are always +ve! We should all learn from ants!" - James Gwee

18. "Michael Schumacher will resign if he risks his life speeding but his pitstop team change tires slowly. Sales cant sell if the back office guys dont care." - James Gwee

19. "When everybody knows and r clear about the rules, it is easier for the referee to give yellow n red cards. Is it like that in your office? Are the rules clear?" - James Gwee

20. "To win a football game, you only need to score ONE MORE goal than your opponent. It is the same in business. Nothing complicated." - James Gwee

21. "Bosses-when u give your staff their bonus, give in cash, count it in front of them and give them PERSONALLY. U will be surprised at the positive effect."

22. "People pay to take the highway because it saves them time. So if you can help people to save time, you will become very rich!" - James Gwee

Empowering Quotes From James Gwee

23. "People JOIN a company for d financial compensation. They STAY bcos of d work environment and recognition. Do u have problems getting people to JOIN or STAY?" - James Gwee

24. "U cant get good quality people to work for u because your company has a poor image, u pay a low salary, or you are a lousy boss. U should introspect." - James Gwee

25. "Remember you are paid a salary to make your bosses job easier, not to make his life more difficult! The more he needs you, the higher your salary!" - James Gwee

26. "The bigger and deeper the hole for the foundation, the higher will be the building. If you want to rise high, then you must have a SOLID Foundation."

27. "To get promoted quickly, always tell your boss that your successor is ready to replace u and that u are ready to replace the people one level above you." - James Gwee

28. "Boxers afraid of getting punched shouldnt b boxers. Sales people afraid of facing objections n rejections shouldnt b sales people. It is part of the job!" - James Gwee

29. "Everyone is gifted in something. So if what u are doing feels like hard work to u, then u are already doing the WRONG thing. Quickly CHANGE!" - James Gwee

30. "When lost in a jungle, would u choose a compass to get to safety? Yes, a clear direction is MORE IMPORANT than ability to manage time efficiently!" - James Gwee

31. "Time cant be saved n cant be accumulated like a deposit account. Time can only be used DIFFERENTLY. So are you using your time WISELY?" - James Gwee

32. "A hammer forges (strengthens) steel, but the same hammer shatters glass. So are you steel or are you glass? Stop blaming the hammer!" - James Gwee

33. "People who are too weak to do what is right give excuses like BE PATIENT, IT IS GOOD TO MENGALAH. Dont use kindness n patience to hide your WEAKNESS!" - James Gwee

Empowering Quotes From James Gwee

34. "Tell a woman that smoking causes cancer, she will still smoke. Say it causes skin to look old, she stops. Why? It is visual! Motivation must be visual!" - James Gwee

35. ""Every tall building has a strong foundation. With a strong foundation, you can rise high into the clouds. How much effort have u spent ur own foundation?" - James Gwee

36. "Discipline means doing the things that you know you have to do, whether or not you have the mood to do them. Not easy. That is why so few succeed. Can u?" - James Gwee

37. "Discipline is the BRIDGE between dreams and achievement. Everybody has dreams, but not many people achieve their dreams. Why? Lack of DISCIPLINE!" - James Gwee

38. "We are all free and in control of our CHOICES. After we have chosen, we r no longer free. After that, our choices control us. So choose wisely!" - James Gwee

39. "Dont say WHEN I HAVE THE MOOD, I WILL DO IT. Do it first, and the mood will surely come. Successful people always take action! They dont depend on mood!" - James Gwee

40. "Life is like a game of darts. More darts you throw, more chances of success. Youre also going to miss most of the time. But you DONT focus on the misses!" - James Gwee

41. "Accept the unchangeable, change the changeable, remove yourself from the unacceptable & distance yourself from difficult people." - James Gwee

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